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About Us

Tymax Imaging Phlebology Solution is committed to providing the best for your phlebology program. To ensure quality care, we continually evaluate the protocols taught to ensure an improved workflow, revenue, and patient satisfaction.


We provide:

  • Physician and Sonographer Training
  • RF and Laser ablation Solution for your practice
  • Low Supply Costs



Today there are many phlebology practices, unfortunately not many of them are working to their full potential. Some have sonographers that are either crossing over from another modality to phlebology or are experienced vascular sonographers that lack the knowledge necessary to be effective. In some cases, the physicians are new and very conservative in their treatment approach. At Tymax Imaging, we can not only train your sonographer with proven protocols and techniques, but we help engage them in the entire treatment process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. We also train physicians for advanced needle guidance techniques, challenging case-studies to ensure confidence when treating your patients.