After a thorough search of area imaging services we selected Tymax Imaging for our vein program.  Tymax offers competitive pricing but what really sold us were their impressive experience with venous ultrasound. The team at Tymax team have contributed to the growth of our program and the quality of their work is evident with the sonographic services provided and high patient satisfaction. We regularly get patient compliments on the personal and professional manner of him and his staff.  Tymax team is personable and easy to work with and has done an impressive job in managing schedules with increasing volume while maintaining their usual high quality work. I could not have been happier with our choice and would highly recommend Tymax Imaging.

-U. Waheed, MD  Southwest Vascular Center

Jimmy Dragon and his consulting company Tymax Imaging were fundamental in starting Mountain Heart Vein Clinic more than one year ago. They are experts in vein diagnosis and treatment and was indispensible in those early days to train and educate our staff. Very easy to work with and enthusiastic about their mission to teach. Everybody on our staff really like Jimmy. He clearly is developing lasting relationships. We have used Tymax Imaging since then when we needed back up and always had excellent experience. As we are adding physicians and staff into our vein program we continue to use Tymax Imaging.

-Robert Wolyn , MD Mountain Heart Cardiology

Mr. Jimmy Dragon has contracted with Tri-City Cardiology Consultants through his company, Tymax Imaging for the last three years. Mr. Dragon has not only performed these studies, but he mentors and trains other ultrasound sonographers to perform these very specific procedures. His training and vast expertise has been instrumental and invaluable in helping to build our Venous Program.  He has excellent communication skills with both physicians and staff as well as patients.  Jimmy is a very effective teacher and is able to really focus on building the necessary skills and resources in starting a successful venous program.  I am sending this letter with my highest recommendation and endorsement of Mr. Dragon.  I do believe he is a great asset for any practice or facility trying to start or grow a venous program.

-M. Joshua Berkowitz, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FSVM Director, Tri-City Cardiology Venous Ultrasound Department

 Hello, I'm Dr. Johnny Serrano.  I am a general surgeon who has shifted some of my practice to varicose veins.  Jimmy Dragon was an integral part of my practice shift.  Mr. Dragon was very personable, knowledgeable and professional.  I have been performing endo venous closure for 10 yrs now, and Jimmy Dragon still had so much to teach me.  He is a patient and insightful teacher.  Mr. Dragon takes it very personally that his clients succeed.  Mr. Dragon is invaluable to starting up your own varicose vein practice.  I am grateful to him and his business model.
-Dr. J. Serrano, FACOS, Precision Surgery

Tymax Imaging provides the most professional and dedicated service I have ever experienced in the 30 years of my Medical Sales Profession. Jimmy Dragon has very experienced RVT’s that have worked with many of my best customers in Phoenix and surrounding cities in Arizona. All my customers have raved about their services which have led to expanding, successful Vein Practices. Jimmy Dragon has been very Professional and Ethical in his practices. He is a man of Character and that is hard to find in business today. He expects perfection of himself and his staff of RVT’s and doesn’t settle for less.

-Greg Alford, Covidien

Proper set up and training are vital to the success of any vein program. The number one reason programs succeed or fail is based on the fundamentals and foundation that it begins with. Jimmy Dragon and his attention to detail has made the Arizona market the fastest growing and one of the top five in the US. Most if not all of the VNUS/Laser programs in Arizona has a Jimmy Dragon influence associated with it.

I have been in the Venous and Arterial Marketplace for 20 years. I have worked with Medtronic, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Covidien and three start up companies in both sales and leadership roles. I have had the privilege to work with 100's of physicians and technicians in the US. Very rarely do you come across someone that is as technically proficient with such passion, foresight and leadership as Jimmy Dragon. I highly recommend going forward with Jimmy Dragon for your phlebology needs.

-Rick Ponder, Vascular Pain Solution- VPS 180,  Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jimmy Dragon last year at Mountain Heart Medical Practice, Flagstaff, Arizona. He exhibited skill and expertise to such a high quality that our vein program was initiated without a hitch, with fine outcomes and stellar patient satisfaction.

I was impressed with his communication skills as with his technical knowledge. He also established firmly that excellent patient care was his primary focus and our patients were the fortunate recipients of his ethical work.

I hope to have an opportunity to work with Jimmy in the future.

-James E. Carter, Jr., MD, FACC ,   Mountain Heart Cardiology

Tymax Imaging and its truly professional staff has given us priceless advice and service from the beginning of our operations. I would unequivocally, and without hesitation recommend and encourage any company with ambitions to enter the US Venous market to contact Tymax Imaging for strategic and operational guidance. Their advice is golden and they are a true joy and pleasure to be working with both professionally and personally.

-Espen D. Kateraas, Director of Operations, Door to Door Vascular, Inc.